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What is C# and why we use ?

C# is a contemporary object-oriented programming language developed in 2000 by Anders Hejlsberg at Microsoft as a rival to Java (which it’s fairly much like). It was created as a result of Sun, (later purchased by Oracle) didn’t need Microsoft to make modifications to Java, so Microsoft selected to create their very own language as an alternative.

Why C#?

Many folks believed that there was no want for a brand new programming language. Java, C++, Perl, Microsoft Visual Basic, and different current languages had been believed to supply all of the performance wanted.

C# is a language derived from C and C++, but it surely was created from the bottom up. Microsoft began with what labored in C and C++ and included new options that might make these languages simpler to make use of. Many of those options are similar to what will be present in Java. Ultimately, Microsoft had quite a few goals when constructing the language. These goals will be summarized within the claims Microsoft makes about C#:


C# Is Simple

C# removes among the complexities and pitfalls of languages similar to Java and C++, together with the removing of macros, templates, a number of inheritance, and digital base lessons. These are all areas that trigger both confusion or potential issues for C++ builders. If you might be studying C# as your first language, relaxation assured — these are subjects you will not need to spend time studying!

C# is straightforward as a result of it’s based mostly on C and C++. If you might be acquainted with C and C++, and even Java, you will see that C# very acquainted in lots of elements. Statements, expressions, operators, and different features are taken instantly from C and C++, however enhancements make the language easier. Some of the enhancements embrace eliminating redundancies. Other areas of enchancment embrace further syntax modifications. For instance, C++ has three operators for working with members: ::, ., and ->. Knowing when to make use of every of those three symbols will be very complicated in C++. In C#, these are all changed with a single symbol–the “dot” operator. For newer programmers, this and plenty of different options get rid of plenty of confusion.

C# Is Modern

What makes a contemporary language? Features similar to exception dealing with, rubbish assortment, extensible information varieties, and code safety are options which are anticipated in a contemporary language. C# comprises all of those.

C# Is Object-Oriented

C# helps all of those. Encapsulation is the inserting of performance right into a single package deal. Inheritance is a structured approach of extending current code and performance into new applications and packages. Polymorphism is the aptitude of adapting to what must be completed. Understand, these are very simplistic definitions. The implementation of those is a little more difficult.

C# Is Powerful and Flexible

As talked about earlier than, with C# you might be restricted solely by your creativeness. The language locations no constraints on what will be completed. C# can be utilized for initiatives as various as creating phrase processors, graphics, spreadsheets, and even compilers for different languages.

C# Is a Language of Few Words

C# is a language that makes use of a restricted variety of phrases. C# comprises solely a handful of phrases, referred to as key phrases, which function the bottom on which the language’s performance is constructed. Table 1.1 lists the C# key phrases. A majority of those key phrases are used to explain info. You may assume {that a} language with extra key phrases could be extra highly effective. This is not true. As you program with C#, you will see that that it may be used to do any job.

C# Is Modular

C# code can (and will) be written in chunks referred to as lessons, which include routines referred to as member strategies. These lessons and strategies will be reused in different purposes or applications. By passing items of knowledge to the lessons and strategies, you may create helpful, reusable code.

C# Will Be Popular

C# is among the latest programming languages. At the time this e-book was written, it was unknown as to what the recognition of C# could be, however it’s a good wager that this can grow to be a highly regarded language for quite a few causes. One of the important thing causes is Microsoft and the guarantees of .NET.

Microsoft desires C# to be common. Although an organization can not make a product be common, it will probably assist. Not way back, Microsoft suffered the abysmal failure of the Microsoft Bob working system. Although Microsoft wished Bob to be common, it failed.

C# stands a greater likelihood of success than Microsoft Bob. I dont know whether or not folks at Microsoft truly used Bob of their day by day jobs. C#, nevertheless, is being utilized by Microsoft. Many of its merchandise have already had parts rewritten in C#. By utilizing it, Microsoft helps validate the capabilities of C# to satisfy the wants of programmers.

Microsoft .NET is another excuse why C# stands an opportunity to succeed. .NET is a change in the best way the creation and implementation of purposes is completed. Although just about any programming language can be utilized with .NET, C# is proving to be the language of alternative. Tomorrow’s lesson features a part that explains the excessive factors of .NET.

C# is Easy to Learn — But Complex

C# has many options that make it simple to be taught. It’s a high-level language, comparatively simple to learn, with lots of the most advanced duties abstracted away, so the programmer doesn’t have to fret about them. Memory administration, for instance, is faraway from the consumer’s duty and dealt with by .NET’s rubbish assortment scheme.

It’s additionally a statically-typed language, so the code is checked earlier than it’s changed into an utility. This makes it simpler to seek out errors, one thing which will be notably helpful for novices.

Although C#’s syntax is extra constant and logical than C++, there’s nonetheless lots to be taught. C# is a posh language, and mastering it could take extra time than easier languages similar to Python. This means customers do must be taught a considerable quantity of code to create superior applications, which can be off-putting for some new customers.

C# is an In-Demand Skill

Being highly effective, versatile, and well-supported has meant C# has rapidly grow to be one of the common programming languages accessible. Today, it’s the 4th hottest programming language, with roughly 31% of all builders utilizing it commonly. It can be the third largest group on StackOverflow (which was constructed utilizing C#) with greater than 1.1 million subjects.



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