Protect Your Immune System From Hiv

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus was first found within the USA in 1981. HIV is a virus that assaults these cells of our physique that combat infections and illnesses. It makes the sufferer extra susceptible to illnesses. Usually, after buying this virus, the affected person lives with it for three to four years with none signs till the immune system finally weakens. Soon, the affected person begins to develop completely different illnesses and finally dies of a illness, or usually, some most cancers.

AIDS is the final stage of HIV. If HIV is left untreated, then the affected person develops AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). This is the stage when the affected person’s immune system has been fully broken.


Since HIV is a virus, its methods of transmission are additionally fairly just like different viruses. Some methods wherein HIV could be transmitted to our physique are by means of:

(I) intercourse: The most typical type of transmission is sexual activity with somebody already contaminated. This virus is current in physique fluids akin to semen and saliva. Apart from that, it additionally lies within the reproductive tracts of the vagina. This is why having sexual activity with an HIV constructive man or lady can switch this virus to your physique. It accounts for why prostitution is changing into one of many predominant causes of AIDS.

(II) Injection needles: Sharing soiled or used injection needles may unfold this virus. It can introduce this virus to our bloodstream and infect us. This is why drug abusers usually tend to be HIV constructive, and disposable syringes are utilized in each hospital.

(III) Mother-to-child transmission: If the mom is HIV constructive whereas pregnant, she would possibly transmit this virus to her unborn youngster. This is why there have been a number of circumstances of younger kids being discovered HIV constructive.

(IV) Blood transfusions: Having a transfusion of contaminated or contaminated blood can introduce HIV to your physique.


Depending on the an infection part, the signs of HIV differ. There are normally three phases of signs which can be listed beneath:

(I) Acute HIV: This is the first stage of an infection, and signs develop after two to a few weeks of being contaminated. The widespread signs are fever, headache, rash, diarrhea, cough, sore throat, and swollen lymph glands.

(II) Chronic HIV: This is the latent stage when there aren’t any specific signs. This stage lasts for some years in a number of individuals, and later, they develop much more extreme illnesses as a result of immune system’s failure.

(III) Symptomatic HIV: This is the stage when the virus continues to multiply within the system and destroy the cells. Most of the signs like fatigue, diarrhea, oral yeast an infection, weight reduction, and pneumonia seem at this stage.

(IV) Developing AIDS: Finally, the ultimate stage comes when the victims have developed AIDS, and their immune system has been completely broken. At this stage, the affected person turns into extra susceptible to infections. The traditional signs are occurring fever, persistent diarrhea, extended fatigue, weak spot, weight reduction, and white spots on the tongue or mouth.

HIV Treatment

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As of at present, there isn’t any vaccine for HIV. However, sure medicines can forestall a affected person from reaching the ultimate stage of growing AIDS.

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After the prognosis, the principle HIV remedy is antiretroviral remedy utilizing sure mixtures of HIV medicines akin to Naivex, Tafero, Trustiva, Viraday, and so on. Antiretro viral remedy can cease the virus from spreading within the physique and advancing to its final stage. It may also forestall its transmission from the affected person’s physique to a different individual’s physique. However, if the medicines are discontinued, the viral load will enhance once more within the affected person’s physique.

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